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Lamm Audio, PAD, Quintessence Audio Review
SoundStage!, Hi-Fi '97 Show Report (May 28 - June 1, 1997)

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The Lamm Audio/Quintessence system was comprised of Lamm's pure class A 100 watt 1.1 amplifiers ($7,395/each) and class A/AB 200 watt 2.1 amplifiers ($6,995/each). Both feature a hybrid vacuum tube/solid state design using the trendy 6922 tubes. Preamplification was provided by another tube/solid state hybrid, the Lamm model L1 line level preamplifier. Source components included a Theta Data Basic II Transport coupled with a Theta Generation V DSP. Purist Audio Design cabling linked these components together, feeding Quintessence Acoustics Shadow loudspeakers.

Several SoundStagers had this system on their "Best Of" lists, a decision that is hard to fault. The Lamm/Quitessence combination produced a seamless, coherent, remarkably well-balanced sound.

for the passion, for the love of music
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