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Quintessence Acoustics is proud to announce it's new flagship product, the Stealth SVI (Series 6). The Stealth has always been the best speaker we know how to build, however after two years of intense research, we have been able to make some very major improvements, in not only the performance aspects, but in the actual structure itself.

The product now incorporates better mid-range drivers and an improved ribbon super tweeter. The woofer box has better bracing with greater internal volume, and with greater piston area with the addition of two active 12" woofers, that replace the two previous drivers (10" and 8"). The active 12" woofers are powered by an one thousand watt (RMS) internal amplifier with variable crossover control up to 200hz and with a built-in parametric equalizer. The new Stealth now can be used in a wide range of different rooms with greater extension and control at the bottom and with the addition of the new, improved ribbon super tweeter the Stealth has a wider band pass capability than in any previous version.

The structure itself utilizes the best materials to meet our strict requirements for total driver and cross-over isolation. We use various high-tech materials from MDF, HDF and selected hardwoods to give us the sonic result that we feel serves the music in a meaningful and important way.

As always, we offer a vast array of different finishes, from exotic automotive paint to any veneer. Some veneers and custom paint finishes will require an "up-charge".

Please see your nearest Quintessence dealer for details.



for the passion, for the love of music
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