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Customer Feedback

"Having recently sold my Apogee Grands [MSRP: $80k], the Stealth is more than an ample replacement. Overall the best speaker I have ever heard."

Roy Muranaka
Northridge, California

"Without question the best speaker I know of."

Langley Powell
Member, San Diego Audio Society

The Stealth's low coloration, full band width (it really moves air), and natural timber is unique in such [an] elegant package. Truly a great system!"

Rick Brown
Woodbury, Minnesota

"As a music lover and audiophile, I have heard many quality speakers over the years. The Stealth tops them all."

Bruce Hamilton
Software/Manufacturers Representative
Half Moon Bay, California

"I am having a very good time with the Shadows. They are superb speakers. I am driving them with a pair of 845-based Single-Ended Triode amps, 25 watts per side. The soundstage is wide and continuous, the music is organic, effortless, and sooooo smooth, no glare, no harshness, no loss of details, just a bunch of musicians playing in my loft ... I can now listen to music all day without ever getting fatigue."

Tony Nguyen
Carlsbad, California

"I could not have been happier with my purchase of Quintessence Acoustics Studio speakers. I have listened to many 'High End' speakers: Wilson Watt Puppy, Aerial Acoustics, and Revel, to name a few. I was blown away by the fit, finish, and pure quality of sound from the Quintessence Studio speakers. I would highly recommend a serious listen to the Quintessence speakers if you are considering a speaker purchase."

Anthony Rizzotti
Northridge, California

for the passion, for the love of music
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